Confederate Motorcycles X-132 Hell Cat


Confederate Motorcycles are known for many things. Building bad ass custom motorcycles is definitely one of them. This bad boy is no exception. The X132 Hellcat is not just looks either. With a 132 cubic inch V Twin powerhouse pumping out 132 bhp and 150 foot lbs of torque, this mean machine will get you were your going. Confederate Motorcycles have been in the conversation with some of their builds as the most expensive motorcycles in the world. The Hellcat is priced a little more generously at just $55,000.00. If you consider the unique mastery that goes into these bikes, from the custom engine, drivetrain, frame and more; you can quickly understand the cost. If you are looking for a unique head turner that still has the dependablity of a factory built machine, this is your bike! Visit Confederate Motorcycles Website for more info. If you liked this bike be sure to share it.



confederate motorcycles x 132 hell cat




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