Cool Dad Builds Mini Chopper Motorcycle For His Son!


World’s Coolest Biker Dad, Builds Mini Chopper For His Son and Makes This Cool Video For It!

Ok. I love my dad, and am so grateful for everything he has done for me, but as soon as I saw this video I had to give him some hell. I emailed the video to him with the subject: “I Though You Were a Good Dad Till I Saw This”

Of course I was just picking on him, but a little bit of me is definitely jealous. How cool is the dad in this video? John Brummond a Mission Viejo native, and obvious motorcycle fanatic, is raising the bar in the cool biker dad category.

He built a miniature chopper themed motorcycle for his son to cruise the neighborhood with. Not only did he build him a mini chopper, he made this badass little video of him taking it on its first test drive. With the addition of George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” as the soundtrack, this young biker kid’s video is going to be talk of the neighborhood.

Watch the video below, and please give it a ‘share’ if you like how John is starting his young biker out early!