Cop Car Chases Fleeing Motorcycle and Crashes


Police Officer Attempts to Chase Motorcycle and Crashes His New Dodge Charger

In no way am I going to side with motorcycle rider in this instance. I’m sure he deserved to be pulled over. What I can’t side with is the police officer chasing the fleeing motorcycle through these suburban roads. A chase like this never ends well, and almost always ends in a dangerous crash or worse.

The guy on the motorcycle seems to be dropping drugs or something from his bike soon into the chase, so I can only assume that is why he was running in the first place. This chase happened a couple weeks back on the back roads of Cumming, GA, and the fact that I have family there really gets me going. These cops risked lives of anyone on the street at this time. Use the radio, its safer and more effective.

Watch as the cops in the video chase the fleeing motorcycle assailant back and forth down a crowded two lane road with no luck. Finally the reckless driving seems to get the best of the police officer as he tries to take a turn at too fast of a speed and loses control of his dodge charger police car. Thankfully no one was in the oncoming lane or this could have been much worse! Supposedly this was a K9 unit and the dog in the back was knocked out cold from the car crash also. So lets see, they lost their guy, risked the lives of at least 30+ people, ruined a new dodge charger that will have to be fixed with tax payer money, and knocked out their own dog! I’m going to have to say the motorcyclist won this round.

We can only hope the police officers and department learn a lesson from this situation. What do you think? At what point should the police officer not chase a motorcycle or any vehicle for that matter? Should there be a rule of location… if an area is heavily populated or its a suburban area, should they avoid high speed chases like this in the future?

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