Cop Chase Ends With Van Full of Kids Being Shot at By Officers!



A Tennessee mother of 5 is facing felony charges and two state police officers are under investigation after a traffic stop escalated into a wild scene involving broken glass, gunfire and a high speed chase.

On a “educational road trip” this mother of 5 who was driving this mini van, might have taught her kids more than she ever expected. What started as a routine traffic stop for both the family and the officer, ended in what might be a life changing police chase.

Watch the controversial video below that documented most of the even from a police car dash cam. From the initial attempt at ticketing the driver, to the not so fast chase a couple miles past, and then the window bashing and more. The most shocking part of this video might be the fact that one of the officers, in an attempt to slow down the evading ford mini van, lets off gun shots at the van full of 5 kids from 6-14 years old.

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