Cop Hits Motorcycle, Gets Mad at Biker

cop hits biker then blames him


We’re guessing this video of a police officer being a total dick to a biker who did nothing wrong will get you guys as fired up as it did us. The incident takes place at night, but it’s very clear what happens – there’s a car up ahead and one lane over that turns on its right blinker to change lanes in front of the motorcycle. The guy on the bike does exactly what he’s supposed to – he gives the driver plenty of room to merge, but the driver of the car seems hesitant and doesn’t come over right away, leading to the biker slowing down even more to make certain he doesn’t end up in an accident. So much for that…

The cop was clearly following the bike too closely, and if he had been willing to admit that and radio it in, we assume everything would have been handled smoothly and without a problem. Instead, this turned into a pretty big mess for the officer. Because of this video of him being a prick to the guy on the motorcycle, he was facing an internal investigation for, among other things, not reporting an accident, being rude to a citizen, and exhibiting conduct unbecoming of an officer. Rather than face discipline, this officer chose retirement from the force. Can’t say we’re too broken up over it – guys like this don’t need a badge. Like and share if you agree.