Corvette Gets Owned by a Dodge Farm Truck



This drag race between a Chevrolet Corvette and a Dodge Cummins farm truck shows exactly why you can’t judge a book by its cover. Show most people a picture of each of these vehicles and ask who they expect to win, and we bet 95% would tell you the Corvette just based on its reputation as a sports car. Well looks surely aren’t everything, and while the ‘Vette may be the more attractive ride from the outside, it’s what is under the hood that counts.

The Corvette gets out of the gate in a hurry, and jumps out to a pretty big 2 or 3-car-length lead in no time, seemingly on its way to an easy win. But with a massive cloud of black exhaust, the Cummins makes up the ground in a hurry, and overtakes the Chevy before they hit the finish line. We’d love to know what modifications were made by the owner of the Dodge and what kind of power this engine had, but we’ll just have to settle for this cool video. Which would you rather drive – the sexy Corvette, or the Dodge Cummins pickup truck that just kicked its ass on the drag strip? Let your opinion be heard, and share this post with others, too.