Craziest Road Rage Video You’ll Ever See



We’ve seen plenty of road rage videos, but this one gets out of control in a hurry – in the span of about 10 seconds, a guy gets hit by a car and then proceeds to kick the driver’s side window of the car that just knocked into him, and his buddy ends up on the roof of the vehicle to avoid being hit. That escalated quickly! We don’t have a clue what upset these two guys, but they were extremely fired up and didn’t mind at all getting into a confrontation with the driver of this Honda Accord. Little did they know how crazy things would really get.

The driver of the car in front is the first to have words with operator of the Accord behind him, standing at the window and berating the guy over some perceived slight. His buddy then comes into the picture, and rather than attempt to cool his friend down, he gets into the fray as well. Side note: are those purses the guys are wearing? Hey, we don’t judge, just curious. Anyway, just as things seem to be slowing down, the driver of the Accord doesn’t like something said by the 2nd man, and actually drives forward and bumps him with the car. That’s when all hell breaks loose – the guy who got hit jumps and kicks the driver’s window, and as the Accord accelerates, his buddy has to literally jump onto the hood of the car and run across the roof and down the back to avoid getting run over.

As crazy and heated as things got, everybody involved is lucky nobody got seriously injured. What did you think – ridiculous, right? Let us know what you thought, and be sure to like and share if you got a kick out of the whole scene.