Crazy Cool Snowmobile Dam Jump


Polaris Snowmobile Gets Air in This Cool Dam Jump Video

Mark Freeman is somewhat of a celebrity on youtube. His youtube channel is full of crazy videos. Clips of him and his friends pulling off extreme stunts. This stunt below, might not be as extreme as some of his other endeavors, but what it lacks in danger, it makes up for in fun!


This is really something you see, and want to try it for yourself. Honestly though, would you have ever looked at this dam and thought.. “I should try to take my snowmobile off it”? Me neither. Thats why I like this guys videos. They’re always creative and fun!

Watch him take his custom Polaris 600RS Snowmobile off this 15′ drop, like its nothing. Bare in mind, he isn’t doing this on snow either. This snowmobile is racing on water! Hope you enjoy the clip, and please give it a ‘share’ before you go!

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