Crazy Russian Driver Gets Creative with His Road Rage Revenge!



When it comes to taking out your road rage on a fellow driver, we’re got to give creativity points to this Russian guy who found a new way to get his revenge. We see road rage videos all the time – some are pretty funny, some are just intense, but they are all unique, and this one is no different. The back story is this – the driver with the dash cam cut off another driver in traffic at a roundabout. The pissed off driver of the other car sped up, got well ahead of this driver, and plotted his payback.

As the offending driver approaches, you can see the other guy standing on the side of the road, his car parked on the shoulder. Just before the first driver gets to him, he suddenly throws a massive rock right into the path of the oncoming car, giving the driver no time to avoid it. The impact sounds awful, and we can only imagine the damage done by this devious plot. We’ve all wanted to get back at a driver who really upsets us in traffic, but we bet none of us have gone to this extreme. Let us know what you thought of the raging guy’s actions, and like and share if you were entertained by this crazy video.