Crazy Russian Pedestrians Deliberately Try To Get Hit by Cars!



In Soviet Russia, Pedestrians hit cars! Seriously. You may have wondered why you’ve seen so many dash cam videos coming from Russia. Well, they began requiring each vehicle to have a dashcam to protect against car insurance policy fraud. Pedestrians in Russia deliberately try to get hit by cars to claim the car insurance money, and the video below is a shockingly funny compilation of these idiots caught on film.

Yes, each one of these clips of people getting hit or.. not hit have been recorded and will prove the drivers innocent. It is absolutely amazing the way these pedestrians through caution to wind while they hurl their bodies in front of moving cars and trucks. Looks like these idiots need to lay off the Vodka over there. Watch the video below and let us know which one actor was your favorite! Have you ever seen anything like this in the states?