Crazy Russian Road Ragers Wreck Car With Bats



Why You Don’t Honk at Cars in Russian Traffic

Just when you thought you have seen every crazy russian dash cam video out there, this one pops up. Its amazing how dangerous the roads are in Russia, and I’m not talking about the weather. Watch what happens to this driver after he honks at another car in the slow lane.

We’ve all done it before. Got frustrated enough at the inconsiderate driver in the fast lane going well under the speed limit. Wether you honk, flash your lights, or speed by them when you get the opportunity, and just give them the “your a dumbass” glance as you pass by. All of these are pretty normal in a congested traffic commute home.

Whats not normal is two crazy dudes catching back up to you, cutting your car off, and assaulting your vehicle with wooden bats. Watch as that exact thing happens in this road rage clip caught on a russian dashcam. I would not be surprised if they no longer have car insurance in Russia. The rates would have to be more than the cost of the car!