Crazy Street Legal Trike Motorcycle is Powered By a 1200 Hp Hemi


We’ve got to say, it takes a lot to impress us when it comes to a trike, but this one’s not half bad. There are certainly some disadvantages to a trike over a standard motorcycle – no lane splitting, no stunts, etc. – but there is definitely a fan base out there, and we think this might just appeal to them.

crazy monster trike motorcycle with hemi engine

This Hemi Powered Trike Motorcycle Has No Problem Merging into Traffic!

It’s hard to classify this as a motorcycle – not only because of the 3 wheels, but the fact it really comes across as more of a hot rod. We think that’s where builder Tom Cotterill was going when he designed and crafted this beast he’s dubbed “The Rocket”. It has a 1200 HP HEMI v-8 engine, custom built suspension, and almost anything else you can thing of.


Again, we know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes it’s nice to see someone creating something so different from what anyone else is doing. If nothing else, we can give some props for that. What do you guys think – would you take a ride on this, or is it something you wouldn’t be caught dead on? Be sure to like and share and let us know your thoughts.