Cruiser VS Sportbike Head On Motorcycle Collision

crusier vs sportbike motorcycle collision


Watch this crazy video of two motorcycles who find them selves getting to know each other a little too well! We have all heard of the infamous game of chicken. The ultimate test of a mans gumption. From the classic movie scenes of your dirty harry car chases, when good old eastwood would swing a 180 and take his chaser head on. The match usually ended up with the lesser man running off the road. To our younger days taking on a neighborhood bully (bicycle vs bicycle) to become the town legend.

One variable in the game of chicken that is not usually considered is; what if both guys are just as tough? What if no one breaks their line? The video below will show you what happens. Now these guys are playing chicken, but they just aren’t aware of it. It seems that the sport bike either took his turn to fast or the cruiser caught his eye and he got target fixation. Either way it’s a bad motorcycle collision. Watch what happens below. Who do you think was at fault here?  If you liked the clip, be sure to ‘share’ it!