Custom Built Drag Ready Car Can Really Move


This Street Legal Drag Car Will Have You Scratching Your Head

The title to this video was homemade batmobile.  As an avid fan of all things motorized and comic book related, its hard for me to find much of a resemblance to the iconic car. Of course there are many version of the batmobile as well. If this resembled any of the versions of batman’s main ride, it would have to be the latest installments of the storied series.

It is definitely no resemblance to the original car used by  batman and robin, in the classic series. If your any fan of the series or the original batmobile, you might know the story of how it came to be and how it came to be sold.  George Barris first purchased the 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept Car in 1966 for $1. Yes, $1 folks!  After putting about $30K in custom work to get it batman worthy, with the input from Eddie Graves from 20th Century Fox and his team of builders from Barris Kustom City, they had the batmobile ready to go in 30 days, and the new value of the once $1 Lincoln was $125,000! Of course it recently sold in auction for $4.2M, to Arizona Native Rick Champagne. Which might just make it the most valuable $1 car on earth!

The video below of this mystery mobile that seems to resemble the newest batman tumbler is still impressive, nonetheless! This drag ready custom car might not be worth $4.2M, but it can really move. I’m not sure of the specs, but I am sure it can run with the best of them! The body seems to be some sort of volkswagen beetle / Chrysler 300m mashup of sorts. Watch him do some impressive rolling take offs with his buddies that are filming him. Granted it looks a little funny now, but with a nice paint job, this cool ride could really be something. What do you guys think? Would you drive this crazy ride, after a paint job and a good once over? Let us know in the comments below, if you can shed anymore light on this ride or video too. Please be sure to give the post  a ‘share’ if you liked it, before you go. Thanks for watching!

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