Custom Cummins Diesel Powered Banshee ATV



Check Out This Custom 12 Valve Cummins Diesel 4 Wheeler!

Jarod Hall’s Cummanshee ATV is definitely one of a kind. This diesel drinking monster was put together by Jarod in his auto shop, in just over 2 weeks believe it or not. He had enough people coming in his Plymouth, Utah auto shop asking “Could you put a cummins in my…” So he finally decided to prove to everyone that he can put a cummins in anything.

Taking a 12 valve diesel cummins engine out of a used ’98 dodge ram 2500 pickup truck. Jarold basically built a chassis and frame that  wrapped the engine, and hand a spot for a seat. The basic idea is strapping yourself to a 12 valve, and riding it to hell and back! You should know that no truck was hurt in the making of this custom ATV. The dodge ram was supposedly out of commission, but the engine was working so he did the swap.

Now there isn’t to many reasons to do a swap like this. Except for the wow factor, and in case you needed to tow something big and heavy up a hill in fashion. Weighing just over 2000 lbs, once the engine swap was complete, this banshee is not looking to get off the ground any time soon!

Watch this clip of Jarod impressing the crowd at the Trementon, Utah truck pull events. Not sure if it is still for sale, but it was about 12 days from this post. If your interested send him a message. If you can appreciate his creative build too, give the post a ‘share’ before you go. Thanks for watching!

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