Dancing Biker Getting Down at Red Light





We’d like to have a day as good as the motorcyclist you see here, because we can’t remember the last time we were so happy we just had to get down off our bike and break out a dance move or two, but that’s exactly what happens here! If you think about it, this really does exemplify why bikers like riding so much – wind in your face, sun on your back, nothing between you and the great outdoors. Of course, most of us are content to enjoy that experience while staying on the bike.

The guys capturing this video get a good laugh out of this, and we can’t blame them. We’d probably have to take a video of it, as well. Of course, we guarantee that dude’s not rocking out to the same station as these guys. Come on fellas, that sounds suspiciously like chick music. What’s the matter, left your Black Keys and Metallica CDs at home? Step it up next time guys, maybe like our dancing friend here. What do you guys think – any of you like to hop off and get down while waiting it out at a light?  You find this funny, or just plain dumb?  Let us know, and be sure to share if you got a kick out of the video either way.