Dancing Bikes Interrupt Motorcycle Race



We know you’ve probably seen a lot of motorcycle crashes before, but we bet you’ve never seen one like this! The video you’re about to watch took place a couple of years ago at Magny-Cours during a round of the Promosport Championship. The first part of the video would honestly be funny enough on its own – one biker in the pack approaching the camera loses control, and his bike goes skidding across the track. It intercepts another rider perfectly, almost as if the first motorcyclist were bowling for other bikes. Both riders are now on their backsides, but it’s what happens when the bikes become entangled that really makes this video worth the view.

One of the racers rushes over to climb back on his bike to finish the race, but suddenly the wheel bars of the two bikes become interlocked, and continue twirling in circles as the bikers look on in disbelief – or in the case of the first racer, very obvious frustration. After several failed attempts to separate the motorcycles, they eventually become unlocked and stop on their own. Too little too late, we’re afraid, for these racers, who have now fallen far behind in the race. One storms off, still stewing over the incident, while it looks like the other may give it a go and attempt to get back in the race. What did you think – pretty hilarious, right? Be sure to like and share if you thought so.