Dashcam Captures a New Car Losing Control Right Into an Amazing Parking Job!


Russian Daschcam Footage Captures Crazy Car Accident Turn Parking Miracle

Oh the dreaded parallel park maneuver. It’s haunted bad drivers for decades. The parallel parking maneuver could possibly be the single most reason teens have to retake their driver’s test.¬†Something tells me the driver in the video below, passed the test with flying colors..blind folded.

This amazing parking job was captured by a russian driver’s dashboard camera. If you’ll pay attention, you can see the car come into the picture from the left. The car seems to loose control, as if the driver was not paying attention, and had to quickly jerk the wheel to avoid an accident.

What happens next is quite frankly one of the most amazing parking jobs I’ve ever seen. The compact car swerves in and out of lanes, dodging oncoming vehicles to find itself stop safe and securely in a parking spot next to the curb.

Of course they are facing the wrong way; but is that really important, when the alternative was thousands of dollars in damage, raised car insurance rates, and talking with the cops for the next 2 hours? Not at all! The only other thing that could make the stunt any cooler, would be the driver immediately getting out of the car, like he was in a hurry and did it on purpose.  Maybe next time!

Watch the bizarre parking job below, and let us know your thought in the comments section!