David Maesell’s Scary Drag Run, in His 2000HP Mustang Fox Body at Lights Out V

david maesell scar wheelstand crash in mustang fox body

David Maesell Nearly Loses His Mustang Drag Car at South Georgia Motorsport Park

Lights Out V was quit a hit this year! With drivers coming from all over to compete in one of the south’s fastest going drag race events. Helping the race garner even more publicity, was David Measell and his fox body ford mustang!

David got a little more off the start that he thought, and the torque pouring out of his 2000+ horsepower, fox body mustang got the best of him. Where’s the wheelie bars? Really though, David came extremely close to jumping the wall with his car.

Fortunately he’s able to get off the gas pedal in time, and the nose of his mustang drops right before the wall. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, that mustang really put on a show!

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