The Versatility of a Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle



The Ultimate Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle Adventure Video

When your in the market for a new ride, you have to take many things into consideration before you buy a new or used motorcycle. Most importantly is what you plan on doing with it. Where will you be riding? What is your riding style, etc..

These answers will helps weed out certain bikes that don’t fit the criteria. It will also highlight certain motorcycles that have been built to do it all. The triumph scrambler motorcycle is one of those. This fun short video below, was made to prove exactly that.

This video is not a promo video from Triumph though. This was actually made and thought up by the guy starring in it. Professional freestyler Ernie “EDUB” Vigil started working with Triumph a while back. He and his partner Nick “Apex” Brocha recently ran an Iron Butt Association Challenge — Border-to-Border Insanity — where Ernie got to know and love the Triumph Scrambler. He wanted to create a film to demonstrate the Scrambler’s up-for-anything versatility.

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