Delorean Monster Truck on 44″ Super Swamper Tires



Check Out This Lifted Delorean Monster Truck

Eat your heart out Marty McFly! There is no question, that this jacked up DMC Delorean would have been a great addition if there were another installment of the storied Back to the Future franchise!

Could you see the potential? The next BTF movie could be set in a post apocalyptic future, since that theme seems to be trendy in movies nowadays. The lifted delorean would be perfet to prevent the onslaught of beggars from getting to the cab. I wonder if you could grab on to the door handle, and it would pull you right up into the cab when its opening..

The footage below, is of a DMC Delorean Car sitting on a set of 44″ Super swamper mud tires. The delorean monster truck is havings its trouble backing out of a busy parking lot. Some interesting things to note. There is a second Delorean in the parking lot, its rare to see one, but two in the same lot, and one is on 44″ super swampers.. what is happening right now? What would you do with a delorean on super swampers? Would you get it muddy or just keep it for show? It definitely seems like the rig could take the pounding.