Dodge Viper Ripped to Shreds by Excavator



Used Dodge Vipers Get Wrecked Out in Junkyard Massacre

This video definitely has me torn. One one end, I love any type of heavy machinery breaking and wrecking stuff. The muscle car lover in me, however, can barely watch..

There was no definitive reason why this junkyard has to ruin not one, but 5 v-10 dodge vipers. I’m at my whits end, really! Theres a chance these rides were severely flooded or faulty to the point of having to be wrecked out, but it still doesn’t explain why you don’t strip the parts. I would be happy to drop the viper engine, in almost any project car.

I read somewhere online that this was punishment for street racing. The name ‘Shane’ was written on the headlight of the Dodge Viper getting wrecked. What if this is how they are punishing shane for his illegal street racing? You better believe, if I knew this was the punishment the next time I got caught fooling around with some buds, I would never risk it again.

Forget my assumptions though. Lets hear what you guys think. Why do you think they are completely ruining these american muscle cars? Is it an evil plot to rid the world of Mopar power? Did the excavator operator lose a race to a viper when he was younger? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to give the post a ‘share’, before you go. Thanks for watching!

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