Double Fail Car Jump



We’ve got to be honest – jumping over a moving car is not exactly the epitome of intelligence, and that’s even more evident after seeing this clip of how badly that stunt can end for both the jumper and the moving automobile! You’ve probably seen videos like this before – one guy stands in the picture at the ready, and someone else drives the car straight at him, and the goal is for the guy to jump over the car cleanly. When done correctly, it’s an impressive feat, but we’ve also seen some guys mess themselves up pretty badly, too. This one, fortunately, is neither of those, but it’s good for a laugh.

The guy in this video doesn’t appear to be going for a clean jump. Instead, it seems like his goal was to jump on the hood, take a running step or two on the roof of the car, then come down on the other side. Well, he fails pretty spectacularly, doing a complete somersault in the air and landing flat on his back. That’s definitely not the worst of it though, as his failed attempt also led to a badly cracked windshield on the car. Whoops! Sorry guys, we’re going to have to give you the double fail for this one. If you enjoyed the video, or just had a good laugh at some knuckleheads, be sure to like and share.