Drag Footage of a Smart Car Powered By a Big Block Chevy Engine!


Your Not Buying This V8 Powered Smart Car for the Fuel Economy!

In the world of a high octane, fuel burning, tire melting horsepower fan. The Smart Car is only something to laugh at. Its barely a car and sounds more like a vacuum. Not only is it small and quiet, but its horsepower specs don’t even pass double digits!

As you can imagine, I’m not a big fan either. The new smart fortwo subcompact car for sale, boast a 1.0 liter power plant with 38mpgs.. If its gets over 18 mpg’s its not for me!

However, if I were to ever grace the cockpit of a new 2014 smart fortwo car, this would be the one I would take for a spin. Now the owner hasn’t released to much info on the car just yet. We do know its the first in the world with a big block chevy engine powering the featherweight frame.


The footage below is the first pass the custom chevy smart car ever made. Filmed by a jittery camera man at the no limit raceway in Morocco, Indiana. With its first pass at 13.23 I was a little disappointed. Based on the weight of the smart car and the torque of the big block , I expected a better showing. The car did end its day with some low 12 passes, and the owner said it will be in the 10’s by the next run.

What do you think? Would you expect a better time with such a light weight v8 conversion build? Let us know in the comments below and please be sure to share the clip with your friends!