Driver Doing Donuts in Chevy Chevelle SS Gets Busted By Cops



Check out this video of a kid putting on a pretty good show in his Chevrolet Chevelle SS, but regretting it once the police show up. Nobody enjoys watching souped-up cars doing burnouts, donuts, and drag racing more than us, but you’ve got to be careful and choose your spots wisely. This guy’s Chevelle is pretty bad-ass – we love the black color, and he’s obviously put some work into it. The car sounds fantastic, and he’s got the moves to back it up. Another time and another place, and we might just be featuring this car because of how awesome it is. Today? We’re chuckling at the guy getting busted.

The game’s over when he makes the mistake of doing a burnout and pulling right in front of a cop. His friends go nuts, because they know it’s serious trouble. Honestly, we didn’t really see the need for the cop to jump out with his gun drawn, though – seems really extreme.

Of course, you can see what’s coming next – the cuffs go on, and this dude’s about to take a ride down to the station. We definitely feel for the guy, but to pull out on a busy street like that, especially in front of a cop, isn’t the smartest thing to do. What do you guys think about the car? And do you agree the cop went way overboard in arresting this guy? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to share our video.