Drunk Guy on Motorcycle Wrecks in Front of Cop!




Drunken Motorcycle Triple FAIL

What is the worst place to be after you’ve had one too many drinks? On the road! This guys is already behind in cool points, by being this drunk and on the road. He’s not done though. He is also on a scooter disguised as a chopper of sorts – lost another point. Second, he sees a pretty woman walking across the road and decides to impress her with a wheelie, but can’t handle the power of the crappy little scooter, there goes another one. Lastly, this guy does all of this in front of a parked police car with a cop inside!

If you were keeping track, dude just lost 4 cool points in under a minute! Thats impressive! Watch the video below, and see if you can find any other reasons this guy should win the dumbass of the decade award! If you liked the clip, please give it a ‘share’ before you go!