Drunk Russian BMW Driver



Check out this video of a drunk Russian crashing his BMW into other cars and then taking off and you’ll realize why most Russians ride around with dash cams these days. Behavior like this is rampant in Russia, and you almost have to have video evidence in order to have your insurance company cover car accidents, even when blatantly caused by other drivers. Doesn’t make driving in the U.S. seem so bad now, huh?

This idiot takes it to another level though. We see him enter the picture, wildly swerving into the lanes of traffic to take his exit, but taking out 2 vehicles in the process. Our camera guys and the driver of the black SUV pursue him, with the SUV driver cutting him off. He calmly exits the car (after accidentally putting it in reverse, at first) and then realizes what many of us might after some heavy drinking – he’s got to take a leak pronto! Of course, most of us didn’t just take out a couple of vehicles on the highway when we need to relieve ourselves, but he shows no shame taking care of business on the side of the road. Talk about crazy…be sure to like and share if you’re as shocked at this guy as we are.