Drunk Women Driver Rams Taxi Cab with Her Lexus and Flees

drunk women driver rams taxi cab with lexus car and flees accident



Watch this incredibly inpatient drunk driver find her way out of traffic jam the drunk way! In by no means do we condone drunk driving or fleeing the scene of an accident. This lady will definitely get what she deserves with her tag getting caught in the video. She can enjoy years without a license and even better, this video is going viral, so all of her lexus driving buddies can see what an idiot she is.

The craziest thing is all of the people crowded around the accident. They just watch as she rams the taxi cab over and over to get out of the street she was parked in. Not one person, even her friends attempt to stop her from driving. Mind you, at this point it does seem a bit unsafe to get anywhere around the lexus car being operated by an enraged over the limit driver. You better believe her car insurance will never be the same! What do you think about the whole situation? Should someone have tried to intervene at this point to keep her off the road, or was it to late?