Drunken Harley Rider VS Parked Pickup Truck!



Harley Davidson Motorcycle Wrecks Parked Pickup Truck

Watch this crazy drunken harley davidson motorcycle fail video! There are more than a few reasons why you don’t drink and drive a motorcycle. The video below is reason #334. This drunken fool is outside of a bar with some friends and another biker after one too many drinks. Who knows what was said before, but whatever he mustered out of his inebriated lips did the trick. The whole bar is at the door and some of them are even filming him.

Reminds me of the clip from Grease 2 when Michelle Pfieffer is out front of the bowling alley to watch the biker showdown. The only difference in this clip, is that this biker does not do anything cool, and I doubt he gets the girl either. Watch as he shows how much power his motorcycle has, and how much sense he lacks. When the showdown between his harley motorcycle and the parked pickup truck in parking lot started off, the biker thought he had a chance. When the showdown ended the pickup truck owner’s insurance company will make sure he doesn’t! If you like the post, be sure to share it!

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