Elephant Attacks Tourist Car in South Africa


Tourist Car Gets Attacked by a Bull Elephant at Kruger National Park!

Tourist were put in a hospital earlier this month, when a bull elephant attacked their car. The couple were filming the elephant while visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Kruger is a Mega-Wildlife Facility and should have definitely been treated as such.

The couple had injuries but survived the encounter. The elephant however, had to be put down. They said he was in ‘musk’ which sounds like a male elephants version of PMS. Nonetheless, its tough to agree that it needed to be put down. We don’t put Justin Beiber down when he attacks HIS paparazzi!

I’ll get off that subject though. Lets move on to what makes this video so damn impressive! Watch how easily the elephant has its way with the car. Rolling it multiple times, till it ends in a large thicket of bushes. This my friends, is exactly why you don’t pick on an elephant! Watch the captured footage below, and give the post a ‘share’ if you thought it was as crazy as I did!