Emergency Motorcycle Braking at 150 Mph!

emergency motorcycle braking at 150 mph


Watch this how quickly things go from fine to deadly in this quick video below. This sport bike rider is clearly going faster than most traffic, but this also seems to be in Germany where he might not be breaking any laws. What is so amazing is his ability to come to an abrupt stop with only seconds to react.

Watch as this drive of some sort of suzuki suv decides to pass a car in the right lane by pulling into the fast lane. This is a proper move normally, however if you are driving on a highway without a speed limit, you might think about paying a little more attention to what is coming next to you and how fast they seem to be going. I new this was coming in the video and it still gave me chills as the the bike had to come to an abrupt stop. Kudos to the motorcycle driver for having his whits about him. Usually when on a motorcycle and in what some would call a near death experience, you learn a lesson. Well it seems that the though of a horrible motorcycle/car collision didn’t phase the biker. He seems to climb right back to speed after dodging this near fatal accident. What are your thoughts? Could you have stopped that quickly and avoided the accident? Is the driver of the suzuki suv or the motorcycle rider at fault? Let us know in the comments below.