Backflip Attempt with a Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle

harley davidson back flip


This is a clip remembering the day that Chuck Carothers did something no one thought could be done. A feat crazy enough to impress Mr. Knievel himself. At a historic Gladiator Games a couple years back Chuck Carothers brought his 1200cc harley davidson sportster and cast steel set of balls to the arena for an epic motorcycle stunt. He shut the harley haters right up in a few short seconds, when he got a full rotation and landed on two wheels doing a back flip with his harley davidson. Even impressed the likes of Travis Pastrana who is not easily excited by simple motorcycle stunts, but he understands the pure insanity of this stunt, and wouldn’t even try it himself! If you’re proud of Chuck Carothers for showing that Harley’s can do it too, be sure to ‘Share’ this post with others!