Epic Prank with Twin Turbo Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Truck




This video had the team rolling on the floor! There is nothing like a creative april fools prank. Especially when it is somewhat dangerous and doesn’t effect us one bit! Watch below as Diesel Dave surprises one of their buddies from Rockwell Time during his afternoon dump. On this day he’s not the only one dumping in the bathroom!

Watch as these guys tape a corrugated pipe to the exhaust of what we must say is a mean looking twin turbo dodge ram cummins diesel pick up truck. They quietly back up to the bathroom window and sneak the hose and a go pro camera into the poorly ventilated room. What happens next was no surprise. They roll some serious coal right into the window that causes poor Johnny to cut his 2 O’clock dump shorter than expected. Not that we would ever recommend recreating this prank, since it is also somewhat hazardous… you know like carbon monoxide poisoning or even cancer causing. However, it happened already so we decided we can safely laugh at these crazy dudes and just thank our lucky stars we don’t have friends like this. We can’t be sure if Johnny wont have any long term side effects from this April fools prank, but one thing we can be sure of is that Johnny will definitely change his 2 O’clock routine!