Evel Knievel’s First Televised Jump on a Triumph Motorcycle

evil knievel first jump on triumph motorcycle


Evel Knievel will go down as on the most entertaining american idols of all time. This was before Simon Cowell and all the singing teenagers. Evel had recorded over 75 ramp to ramp jump between 1965 and 1980. He was the 70′s favorite entertainers and role model. Many of the daredevil, stuntmen, and champion riders would not be who they are today without his influence. Evel even took the Guinness Record for “most broken bones in his lifetime” at 433. That of course is not a record anyone purposely attempts to break, but he had many others that were. The clip below is the first time Evel Knievel jumped over 15 cars on his custom triumph motorcycle, for the world wide of sport tv show in 1967. Watch and enjoy the magical history and beginning of a infamous career. If you liked the post and respect Evel’s accomplishments, be sure to ‘share’ the post!