Exploding Truck Tire Sends Car Mechanic for a Ride!


Russian Mechanic Was Having a ‘Goodyear’ Till This Tire Explosion!

Now one thing is for certain, without speaking to this guy, or even reading a word of the final circumstances. This russian car mechanic will never inflate a truck tire like this again! This of course is not the first time mechanics have over inflated heavy duty truck or tractor tires. However, this is the first time the untrained victim was forced into a full flip on camera from it.

Watch the video below, of what seems to be someones bootleg version of the cctv camera from the russian mechanics garage. The results of this dangerous truck tire explosion are unbelievable. Watch towards the end of the video when the clip is slowed down. The poor mechanic that is flipped backwards like a rag doll, is able to do a complete rotation before the other mechanic in the background is able to even react to the sound of the exploding tire.


Of course proper mechanics use protective tire cages when inflating these truck tires, to help prevent from these dangerous situations. Suffice it so say, this mechanic had to have gotten some much needed time off after this one. Sources say, he is actually trying out for the Russian gymnastic team, after they saw his incredible display of acrobatics!

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