Extreme Playground Fail with Motorcycle Powered Round-a-Bout



We bet you’ll get a pretty good laugh at some idiot kids messing around with a motorcycle and a roundabout on a kids’ playground. We’ve seen a lot of stupid stunts pulled with motorcycles, but this is definitely a first, and it had us rolling in the floor. These knuckleheads thought they had come up with a brilliant idea – a couple of guys would climb onto and sit on this piece of children’s playground equipment, while a couple of other guys would lay a motorcycle on its side and use the bike to spin the roundabout. What could possibly go wrong?

Watch the video and you’ll quickly find out – the guys controlling the throttle get a bit too trigger-happy, and before anyone knows it this roundabout is traveling at break-neck speed. Pretty soon, one of the dudes sitting on it is whipped around and thrown off like a rag doll. We’d assume these guys are smart enough not to do this again, but next time we’d suggest seat belts and helmets! If you’ve ever done anything stupid like this with your bike, feel free to fess up to it in the comments (or better, send us the video!). And don’t forget to like and share if you died laughing like we did.