FAA Shuts Down Beer Deilvering Drones Before They Got Flying


Lakemaid Micro-Brewery Gets Their Beer Drone Delivery Idea Nixxed by the FAA!

The idea of calling in an order of cold beer and seeing it gently land on your step in a matter of minutes, seems like something only your most creative of dreams can deliver. Well Lakemaid microbrewery wanted to bring that dream to reality.

The wisconsin based microbrewery is a staple of wholesome hoppy goodness, to the hard working ice fisherman in the Cheese state! The creative microbrewer of Lakemaid Beer, had a pretty cool idea: delivering beer to the region’s thirsty ice fishermen through the magic of flying drones. It even went so far as to produce a very promising video to advertise the service that you can see below.

Unfortunately for Lakemaid and the ice fisherman, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) got wind of the video and immediately knixxed the lofty plans. With Amazon and UPS lobbying hard to make drone deliveries a reality, the FAA has some fire under its tail, but at the moment it is still illegal. Only two models, Boeing’s Insitu ScanEagle and AeroVironment Inc.’s Puma, are currently certified for commercial use. However, the FAA is revising the rules and hopes to have a certification process in place by the end of 2014, hopefully kickstarting a multibillion-dollar industry.

Here’s to hoping we can all have some ice cold beer delivered to our door on gameday in the near future! Once this becomes legal, what do you think would be the most common drone delivery order… besides toilet paper and condoms of course!