Fellow Biker Puts Out Harley Davidson Motorcycle Fire



We all need some help at times, and we bet this guy with his harley davidson motorcycle literally on fire was glad for the assistance he got from a fellow biker! Our man with the video camera is just cruising down the highway when he notices something amiss – a motorcycle stranded on the side of the road putting off a good bit of smoke with the owner trying to figure out a way to stop it. It would have been easy enough to keep on going and hope for the best, but instead he decides to lend a helping hand, pulling over his own bike and running back down the road.

The fire was started by a bag that had been strapped to the seat getting caught in the rear wheel. Luckily, the biker lending assistance realizes he has a solution to this problem in the form of a Camelbak full of Gatorade. He puts his plan into action, and soon enough the fire is gone. What a relief for both of these guys, and how awesome to see one biker help out a brother stranded and in trouble. We’d like to think we would do the same when placed in a similar situation. If you would too, and if you’re glad this guy did, be sure to like and share this video!