Female Bodybuilder VS Two Harley Davidson Motorcycles




Body Builder Takes on Two Harley Motorcycles for an Amazing Demonstration of Strength at Sturgis Bike Rally

A word of advice – don’t do anything to piss off Juli Moody, who shows in this video why she’s known as “The Dare Factor”. This clip shows Juli setting the world record for longest time to keep two running motorcycles stopped using arms. In fact, she’s the only woman to even attempt the feat! Guess it makes it easy to set world records when you’re literally the only member of your gender even willing to attempt the stunt…we’ll be researching new categories in which to enter ourselves, but that’s a story for another day. Juli also holds multiple world records for female power lifting and even won a gold medal in the Olympics. So needless to say, she’s built quite a resume up to this point.

This act you see here may trump all the others, however. Check out the performance she gives as she restrains these two motorcycles for almost a minute, using only her arms to hold the ropes attached to the bikes. In fact, if you attended Sturgis this year, you may have seen her duplicate her performance, breaking her own world record. This awesome biker babe puts on a hell of a show, and if you enjoyed watching, be sure to like and share this post.