Flipping Off Truck Driver Ends Poorly

flipping off truck driver ends poorly for driver


There are a couple of lessons to be learned here, but the first is don’t flip off a truck driver – especially when you’re in the wrong! Sounds like our driver is already getting a little testy at the beginning of the video as he’s stuck in traffic, but it’s the driver of the Audi that really pushes him over the edge. Where we come from, if you’re going to cut someone off like that, you get the hell out of the way and keep trucking down the road. Sadly, that’s not what this moron does.

Instead, the guy in the Audi decides to brake-check the truck driver, which of course pisses him off even more. Road rage kicks in, and the truck driver gets right on the bumper of the Audi and lays on the horn. Predictably, this escalates the situation even more, leading the driver of the sedan to flip off the truck driver out of his window. That’s the final straw – the truck driver, no longer content to express his outrage by tailgating, continues accelerating, and rams the back of the car, leaving quite an indention. I’m sure any reputable accident attorney would have a field day with this video evidence. Neither of these guys handled the situation all that well, and we hope these guys feel like idiots. Next time, maybe cooler heads will prevail. Be sure to like and share if you agree.