Flying Mercedez Causes Horrible Car Accident



Videos like this remind us that even the best drivers are unable to avoid wrecks at times. Check out this terrifying dash cam video of a woman driving along on the highway doing nothing wrong – she maintains her lane and seems to be traveling at a reasonable rate of speed. Most of the time, that’s good enough to make sure you reach your destination safely, but that’s what makes what happens in this video all the more frightening.

As she’s driving along the highway, another car suddenly appears out of nowhere, flying over the median and landing on top of her car. Seriously, in just a brief second, a fellow driver lands on top of her car, severely damaging it from the sounds coming from this video, and from the fact we can at least see the windshield smashed and the car roll over. We’ve watched it over and over again, but we don’t see a thing she could have done differently to prevent this – everything just happens too quickly. Have you ever been involved in an accident like this? Feel free to write about your experience, and like and share this video.