Flying Truck Tires Smash Windshield



We were in a car that once almost got hit by a flying tire, and you can see from this video how terrifying that would be. A lot of dash cam videos we post are examples of what not to do while driving – we’ve seen everything from videos of drunk drivers and people driving way too fast, to people who simply aren’t paying attention and that split second is what causes an accident. Well, the scary thing about this video is that the driver of this car really didn’t do anything wrong – he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can do your best to be a defensive driver, but sometimes things transpire that are simply out of your control, and this is one of those times. Watch as a truck two cars in front of him loses its left-side tires, which go careening down the road. A car in the oncoming lane gets plowed by one, which sends it flying towards our driver. One bounce, and then the tire lands with a crash on his windshield, shattering it in the process. Scary stuff, but it seems like everyone was ok. Any of you ever had something crazy like this happen while driving? Don’t forget to like and share.