Ford Explorer Eco Boost Meets Devin Supertramp in Moab!



Ford is always looking for ways to reach newer audiences, and they recently picked a guy that is all the buzz on the viral video scene. Devin Supertramp is famous in youtube realm with his overly awesome videos, where he invites his many talented friends to pull off some of the craziest adventures and stunts you can’t help but want to be apart of.

In most of Devin Supertramp’s films they are in remote locations, that make the stunts even that much more extreme. That is why Ford found it fitting to match him up with their newest marketing campaigns for the new Ford Explorer Eco Boost. In the One Tank Adventure series, Ford promotes the industry leading fuel economy of their most popular vehicles.

The new Ford Explorer with its best in class EPA estimated 20 city/28 hwy/23 combined mpg 2.0L EcoBoost takes Devin and his buddies to the Moab Desert on one tank of gas to do some death defying highline stunts. Stunts that could not have been done using a Toyota, as the promo nonchalantly implies.

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