Ford F-250 Power-Stroke Sleeper Truck Dominates Mud Track!

ford f 250 power stroke dominates mud track

Watch this mostly stock Ford F250 Super Duty Power-stroke air it out on the obstacle course at West Georgia Mud Park. The Ford Pick up surprise many spectators with its epic run through the tough obstacles. The West Georgia Mud Park attracts all kinds of high performance mud trucks with something to prove. Year after year truck owners and 4 wheel drive enthusiast flock to the south to show off their lifted rigs.

With the types of rigs that roll their chunky mud tires into this event, it was a fun surprise to watch this seemingly stock every day driver do work on this years mud track. Watch and listen as the 6.0 power-stroke diesel powers the bright yellow ford f-250 mud truck through the obstacles with ease. Well, every part of the truck but the bed. Looks like it took the worst beating, beside the track. What do you think? Where you surprised to see how this power-stroke sleeper navigated its way through the mud track so smoothly? Let us know in the comments below!