Ford Focus Commercial Promotes New Door Edge Protector with Sumo Wrestlers!



We really got a kick out fords newest commercial across the pond. This newest ford focus commercial is promoting the upgraded door protectors on the new model of ford focuses. Watch as they go to the extreme, pairing a couple oversized sumo wrestlers and a busy parking lot.

The video below is an example of what can happen and does happen to your car while it sits un protected in these compact parking lots. Watch as the two sumo wrestlers make they’re way out of the grocery store, handful and diapers on. It takes a minute to get why the sumo wrestlers are involved until you see how much room they need to get int he cars. While they find themselves without enough room to open the new ford focus doors safely, you see them slam the ford’s doors against the neighboring vehicles. One of the cars still has the driver in it. You can see an ever to familiar face, as he just waits to get out and see what the damage was.

Just as everyone is getting PO’ed, the commercial focuses in on the automatic door protectors that come stock on the new ford focus, and you see why the sumo wrestlers weren’t as concerned with bumping up against the other vehicles. These could definitely come in handy no matter how big you are! What do you think? Is ford motors on the right path with this idea? Should every car come stock with these?