Ford GT Super Car Sets 278mph Record at the Texas Mile!



Well it was bound to happen. The texas mile speed record was going to be broken at some point. We just didn’t expect it was going to look so easy when it happened.

Driver Patrick O’Gorman took the M2K Motorsports Ford GT supercar to a record 278 MPH on October 27th , and the crazy thing is that Kesterson thinks there is even more in it! The 5.2L Supercharged V8 was just getting warmed up.

Tuning is done by the legendary Shane Tecklenburg on the MoTec engine management system. “It’s really difficult for us to lay down much more power early than we are right now. We’re using the traction control in the MoTec to get all the power to the ground that we can without changing grip mechanically or adding more aero. We’re getting it done pretty good in first, second, and third gear,” he explains.

“With any car like this, we can make more horsepower, than we can get rid of the heat in the cooling system. The run takes us about 22 seconds from the starting line through the traps, and we’re not into full power until the last 10-12 seconds of the run. Based on the data, the car runs 9.60′s at 160-plus to the quarter, and we have to stay in the throttle at full power for another 11.5 seconds after that,” says Tecklenburg.

What do you think the next record will be? Do you think this Ford GT will come back to break its own record, or will it be another high performance super car? Watch the video below, and let us know what you think!