Ford LTL Semi Truck Jumps Over 100′ and Sticks the Landing!



Ford LTL Diesel Truck Jumps Over 100′

Who doesn’t love to see heavy semi trucks, put all reason aside to hit dirt jumps at high speeds? We sure do! Ash Nichols, the driver of this badass Ford LTL diesel truck deserves a couple man points for this ballsy attempt. The video shows the Prime Mover race truck going all out on a australian dirt track a couple months back. Watch and see his incredible jump and landing after a gravity defying 101.9 foot jump getting all 10 wheels clearly off the track!

Its no surprise Nichols comment about his amazing truck jump was simply “Can I do it again?”. We hear ya Ash! Who wouldn’t want to give that go? If you liked the jump, don’t forget to ‘share’ around! Lets get Ash some props for this cool stunt!

  • John Anderson


    • Christ Pettitt

      Needs 8 more wheels according to the author’s description.

  • Christ Pettitt

    ‘getting all 18 wheels clearly off the track’

    Seriously – someone needs to learn to count. Truck has 10 or 14 wheels, trailer generally has 4. Triaxle trucks and trailers are called ’18 wheelers’. Stop making America dumb.

  • W. Gene Simmons

    Semi’s have either 4 wheels 1 axle in back, 2 wheels 1 axle in front, or 8 wheels in back on 2 axles and 2 wheels on 1 axle in front. Unless it’s a dump truck, then it will have 2 or 3 axles in back.. Some trucks that haul a lot will have up 4 to 6 axles on them.. Lot of tires,, , This truck is a 1985 Ford LTL 9000 with 8 wheels, 4in back, 2 in front.. Trailers have 8 tires on 2 axles..That’s why it’s called an 18 wheeler.. Send the guy to school..

    • W. Gene Simmons

      I’m really surprised that the front axles did not fall off or they just didn’t show it..