Ford Mustang Pops a Wheelie, Then Crashes Into Wall



We bet you’ll get a kick out of this video of a drag race featuring a Ford Mustang that takes off with crazy acceleration, even popping a wheelie off the line, before losing control and slamming into the wall. Man, what an unbelievable start to the race – just listen to the sound that Mustang makes as it revs up, then shows off insane acceleration as it not only gets off to a fast start, but does a pretty sick wheelie in the process. We don’t know if that was on purpose, in fact we kind of doubt it, but it was impressive nonetheless.

That would have been fine and dandy, but for some reason the driver then decides to turn the wheel, as you’ll see in the second half of this video, shot from inside the car. We don’t know what he was thinking, but he puts this very nice (and very expensive) Ford Mustang right into the wall. Unbelievable – we don’t know if the old car insurance policy will cover this one, but maybe don’t show them the video. What a shame – that really was a pretty sweet Mustang. Be sure to like and share if you think so too, or if you just got a kick out of this epic fail.