Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Reaches 220.8 MPH



Check out this video from late 2012 when Revan Racing’s 2007 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake set the record as the world’s fastest Mustang, clocking a speed of 220.8 miles-per-hour. Driver Van Collier achieved this feat at the Texas Mile, an old World War II runway that serves as the site for many of today’s one-mile speed records timed in the U.S.

Revan owner JW Brake (nice name for the owner of performance parts company) had L&M Engines put together a 5.8 built aluminum block motor, with Darvon sleeves, an FRPP CJ crank, L&M/Diamond pistons and Manley rods. The heads are ported Ford GT units with custom cams and is fed by a trio of Walbro 435 pumps with an Aeromotive regulator and 205-lb/hr injectors. A ton of other modifications were made to the car as well, but it’s pretty funny to hear JW talk about the build-up to this record run. He never envisioned the car would set this type of record – in fact, he really didn’t expect to cross the 200 MPH threshold. As he puts it, to him this GT500 was just a cool cruiser that he used to swing by his local Starbucks. We’d recommend keeping the speed down just a bit for those type of errands in the future. Be sure to like and share if you enjoyed watching this GT500 Super Snake set this amazing record.