Ford Racing Rolls Out New 3.5L V6 Eco Boost Engine for its Race Cars



Are we ready to let the v8 go? Are we in the time of fuel economy and productive power gains from smaller engines? Its tough to say, but its becoming more and more evident. This video below is just another example of just that. Watch this clip of the Ford Racing team unveiling their new plans to have fords very popular 3.5l eco boost v6 engine powering their race cars in next years championships series!

Seems that Ford is interested in the eco boost’s engine potential fuel economy, which can definitely give a race team the upperhand in the long rigors of daytona car racing. As the below dyno video shows, this tiny turbo engine packs enough power to turn the exhaust headers red hot, and Ford thinks the EcoBoost Daytona Prototype can break the lap record at Daytona set back in 1987. If any V6 engine is up to the task normally left to V8s, it’s Ford’s EcoBoost V6, and we can’t wait to finally see it in action on the race track. How about you? What do you think by this decision of ford’s? Are you ready for the emergence of the v6 in daytona racing? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share before you go!